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Privacy Policy

Queensland Homecare takes the protection of its customers personal information seriously. We are committed to ensuring your privacy on the Internet by adhering to standards of fairness and integrity.

Queensland Homecare does not collect personal information about visitors simply browsing through the site. We may log customer visits to the site for statistical purposes, and may collect and store the domain name from which the site has been accessed, the browser used, and the date and time the site is accessed. Such information will only be used to measure the number of visitors to the site and for general administration and improvement of the site.

You are required to provide certain personal information in connection with a request for information, a request for technical assistance or when submitting a product warranty. Such customer-initiated communications will ask for name, address and e-mail address, and additional information as applicable to the request or inquiry. Information you provide will be used only as specified or for the purpose of responding to your request or inquiry.

Queensland Homecare does not license, sell or otherwise make available its customer information without the customer’s express consent. In certain instances, in connection with an inquiry or request for technical assistance, you may request that you be contacted by a representative of Queensland Homecare. In such instance you may be asked to provide additional information to accommodate such contact. Any such additional information will be used only for the purpose of that contact.

We may share your personal information with third parties for the provision of financial services, if and to the extent that customers choose to use such services.

This site may contain links to other web sites over which Queensland Homecare has no control. This Privacy Policy covers only this site, and Queensland Homecare is not responsible for the web site privacy practices of third parties. We recommend that you read the privacy policy or terms and conditions for each third party site you visit.

Cookies –  Cookies may be placed on a visitors computer to provide information regarding such visitors use of the site. The cookies used by Queensland Homecare do not collect any personal information about a visitor, provide any way to contact a visitor, or extract any information from a visitor’s computer. With most Internet browsers, a visitor can erase or block cookies, or receive a warning before a cookie is stored on the computer.

Consent to Application – Personal information is provided voluntarily at this site and relates only to services used by the visitor. By using this site and providing requested information, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy, and consent to the use of current and previously collected information by Queensland Homecare under the terms of this Privacy Policy.

This statement may be revised from time to time by Queensland Homecare.

Updated 2nd May 2022.

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