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Maximum Filtration with your Kirby System

Micron Magic HEPA Filter Plus offers maximum filtration for your Kirby vacuum. While other vacuums allow dirt to seep out while cleaning, our Kirby HEPA filter traps common household dust, pollen and other particles. Electrostatically charged material traps micron particle matter. Keep your home smelling fresh by trapping dirt, dust, pet hair and more inside the Kirby HEPA filter bag.


The Kirby HEPA Filter is Great for Pet Owners

Keeping your home free of pet odors can be a difficult job, but your Kirby Home Cleaning System has your back! Have peace of mind knowing that when you clean your home, pet hair, dander and odors are trapped inside our disposable filters for easy clean-up. 


Important: To maintain maximum cleaning performance, replace filter bag before dirt reaches the FULL line.



  • Are developed by Kirby specifically for your Kirby systems
  • Are designed and tested to perform properly
  • Certified to ensure quality and give owners peace of mind


  • Fail to deliver on many of the expected benefits, including the removal of certain particles/allergens
  • May not contain the same technologies as Genuine Kirby bags
  • May not be tested to industry standards
  • May not fit properly on your Kirby 
  • May leak or burst after being installed

MicroAllergen Plus HEPA Filter Bags

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