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With the Kirby Tile & Grout Kit, use the power of your Kirby system to clean tile & grout floors quickly and easily! The special multi-level brush roll cleans uneven tile surfaces and reaches deep down into grout joints. This powerful kit transforms your Kirby System into a tile & grout floor scrubbing machine! For use on granite, porcelain, stone and ceramic floors.

Tile & Grout Kit includes:

  • Tile brush roll
  • Replacement Belt
  • 12 oz Tile and Grout Cleaner
  • 8 oz Grout Pre-Treat

For use with the Kirby G3, G4, G5, Gsix, Ultimate G, Ultimate G Diamond, Sentria, and Sentria II Carpet Shampoo System.

Sentria II Shampoo System sold separately.

Tile & Grout Kit G3-Sentria II

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